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Crawfish Restaurants In New Orleans

Crawfish Restaurants In New Orleans

Crawfish is exquisite seafood, which together with the famous caviar is eaten occasionally. The main reason is that it is considered a luxury food. It is a food that although its meat has little fat, provides delicate and exquisite flavors to the palate.

To enjoy this exquisite food to the maximum, it is essential to choose an outstanding place to enjoy the crawfish. There are many options for crawfish restaurants in New Orleans. That is why it is vital to have a criterion to select the ideal place to live this extraordinary experience.

Selecting the Perfect Crawfish Restaurant

  1. Freshness

Like other crustaceans, crawfishs should be cooked alive. There are two reasons for this. First, once dead, the meat of this seafood decomposes quickly. The toxins generated by its decomposition can be life-threatening. Second, cooking live crawfish ensures maximum freshness, allowing chefs to extract these unique flavors.

Also, keep in mind that this is not a year-round food. The season for live crawfishs is usually between March and April. If a restaurant offers you the product far away from those dates, they're indeed serving you frozen food.

  1. The Portion

It's true that it's a luxury food, but you have to bear in mind that when eating crawfish, the restaurant must make sure that the customer is satisfied. Acceptable portions of this meat are about 3 ounces minimum.

  1. Menu Variety

The best restaurants for eating crawfish must offer a wide variety of dishes, to please all tastes. For example, in our place, French Market Restaurant & Bar you will find a wide range of dishes including boiled, grilled, fried, soups, salads and even pasta options, for your pleasure.

  1. Selecting the Crawfish

Some restaurants give you the possibility to choose your crawfish, before cooking it. If this is the case, you must be careful when selecting the one that will go to your plate. If so, keep in mind that a healthy crawfish is one that shakes its tail vigorously. Long antennas also mean that the crustacean is healthy. Finally, keep in mind that weight also matters. More massive crawfishes offer a harder flesh, and their taste is less sweet. The right selection is a medium sized specimen.

  1. The Experience

Finally, the site beside a unique meal must provide an ideal environment for you to share an awesome time. It must have an exquisite selection of traditional drinks and tasty cocktails. Also the facilities must be comfortable, with at least two environments so that you can choose where you want to share with your companions. It should also have additional services, such as a reservation system for groups.

Taste New Orleans' Most Exquisite Crawfish!

If you're wondering which is the best among the crawfish restaurants in New Orleans, you have to think no more. French Market Restaurant & Bar is the place with more tradition, trajectory, and prestige for the tasting of crawfish and the best of the best of Creole and typical food of the city. Our premise is to offer you an incomparable experience, and that is why we make the food every day to provide you with a fresh and delicious product. Visit us; we will be happy to assist you.

Crawfish Restaurants In New Orleans
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